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aaa AAM | Accademia di architettura - USI


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| Roma, Jenauary 30

Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples: Stories, Strategies, Scenarios, Fondazione Italiadecide - Scuola per le politiche pubbliche

| Napoli, Jenauary 31

Economy, State and Market in Naples, Università Federico II - Dipartimento di Architettura





I have just finished my course on Salzburg at the Academy of Architecture-USI. Salzburg is much more than its iconic historic centre, Mozart and the Festspiele. Beyond the edge of the historic centre, lies most of the built city, which is profoundly changing through the implementation of an ambitious and coherent growth and development strategy. Salzburg is a city that seems to have happily adopted the ‘territorial competition paradigm’. I am currently working at a short report on Salzburg strategic planning: a very interesting case from the perspective of the 'European urban agenda.


The Metropolitan Question in Italy

With the law 142/1990 the institutionalisation of Italian metropolitan areas entered the political agenda as an issue of overriding importance. After more than 25 years and a new law devoted to the question (n. 56/2014) Italian metropolitan areas are still missing an appropriate governance structure. To the metropolitan question in Italy I have devoted three papers in recent years.



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