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City, city de facto and metropolitan areas in Italyaa

With the law 142 /1990 the institutionalisation of Italian metropolitan area entered the political agenda as an issue of overriding importance. After more than 25 years and a new law devoted to the question (56/2014) Italian metropolitan areas are still missing an appropriate governance structure. To the metropolitan question in Italy I have devoted three papers in recent years.

There are certainly political obstacles that explain the failed institutionalisation of the metropolitan areas in Italy. The balance of power between the regional government, the pivot municipality and the (very many) municipalities belonging to the functional urban area to be institutionalised would be profoundly altered by the emergence of ‘strong’ metropolitan authorities.

Yet the scientific community too has contributed to entangle the metropolitan question, by failing to develop an interdisciplinary discourse and disregarding the importance of painstaking empirical analysis. 


recent works

1. "The Metropolitan Question in Italy", in Rivista Italiana di Economia, Demografia e Statistica (in corso di pubblicazione)

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2. "L'area metropolitana di Napoli: interdipendenza territoriale e integrazione istituzionale", in Archivio di Studi Urbani e Regionali (in corso di pubblicazione)

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3. Città e aree metropolitane in Italia, Gssi Urban Studies -Working Papers, 2014|1

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To the issue of the conceptualisation of the Italian territory I devoted a few works in the past years



"Macro-regions, Local Systems, and Cities: The Conceptualisation of Territory in Italy since 1950", Scienze Regionali/Italian Journal of Regional Science, N. 3, 2009 [abstract & download]

Economia in cerca di città. La questione urbana in Italia, Donzelli, Roma 2009

Città in nuce nelle Marche. Coalescenza territoriale e sviluppo economico, (con F. Mazzoni), FrancoAngeli, Milano 2008

"Sistemi locali: esercizi di identificazione", in L. Malfi e D. Martellato (a cura di), Il ruolo del capitale nello sviluppo locale e regionale, FrancoAngeli, Milano 2002